Kleopatra Neophytou


My name is Kleopatra Neophytou, I’m a freelance makeup artist with over 13 years of experience, living and working in Toronto, Canada.

 Makeup has been a passion of mine since I was 10yrs old, I was always the one who would put makeup on all my friends and family, which included my poor brother.  What I love about makeup is the way it can create mood, character and  the way it evolves  with time.  Makeup can create a character in a movie, it can make someone feel more confident, even through tough economic times, the most popular item women buy is a new lipstick.

My career path started at Marvel school of esthetics and then School of Makeup art graduating with a diploma in esthetics, medical esthetics and makeup artistry.  I’m creative, compassionate, reliable and always taking courses to ensure I am up to date with the latest trends,  techniques and technology.  My main objective is to  make every client look and feel  their best.
I’m available for bridal makeup,  engagement, birthday parties, graduation/prom, fashion shows, special events, tv, makeup lessons and anything requiring Makeup.  I can provide services in the comfort of your own home or at a location of your choice within the GTA.

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